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PDF KINDLE [ Oath of Honor (A First Responders Novel, 3)]

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Paralyzed (Medicine and Magic Book 6)
E solely on Blair and Cam but something of the essence of the original books seems to be missing The scenes between Cam and Blair are flat and si Rad generally does a great job bringing characters to life
But Here I Find 
here I find faltering Neither of the leads ever acuire that strong individual voice I expect to find I read Code of Honor which comes chronologically after this book back in October because the Honor series is one my favorites Seeing that this book fits into that universe on the other day I Had To Check It to it and I m now wishing I had read it first It really is just book 8 in the series and things that happen in it help Code of Honor make a lot senseAnyway that niggle aside I really. Th everything she needs to save his life if he is injured or falls ill Her job gets even harder when Powell embarks on the campaign trail accompanied by his high profile daughter Blair and shadowed by paparazzi zealots masuerading as patriots and not so peaceful protesters US Secret Service Agent Evyn Daniels a member of the president's Personal Protection Detail.

Free read Oath of Honor (A First Responders Novel, 3)

 Oath of Honor (A First Responders Novel, 3)Another hit by RadclyffeAs soon as it was delivered I read it from cover to cover The only time I looked up from it was for bathroom stopsI m going to re reading it over the next few daysI hope Radclyffe doesn t take too be re reading it over the few daysI hope Radclyffe doesn t take too writing the next book in the series I too was disappointed the book left me feeling somewhat cheated I love the Honor series I have read the first book many times and have just finished reading the whole series again I was hoping for another in the series so was really pleased when I found that a new one had been written and started when the last one left off at the wedding between the two main characters I am not sure what I expected I new that the book didn t concentrat. Navy Captain Wes Masters newly posted to head the White House Medical Unit is a physician with only one priority patient but her job is twenty fourseven Her charge is simpleensure the health and well being of the most powerful man in the worldthe president of the United States As the First Physician Wes travels by of the United States As the First Physician Wes travels by Andrew Powell's side in the hot zone wi. Liked Oath of Honor a lot Very tight story telling and it was once again very cool to see into that world behind the scenes in the secret service and also the doctors and nurses who Have To Be Amazing In Order To to be amazing in order to aid to the President no matter the situationWes and Evyn Were Strong Likable Leads were strong likable leads hot chemistry just like Loren and Skye in Code of Honor I think the distance from the core cast in the Honor series helps I love Cam Blair Paula and Rene but opening up the stories to new women gives the series
A Breath Of Fresh 
breath of fresh The agents and different parts of the world we get to see the it feels like this is the realistc Bourne type counterpart to the Elite Operatives fantastical Bond stuff. The elite PPD is assigned to indoctrinate the new head of the WHMU in the necessary protocols a job she wouldn't have to do if the right person had gotten the job her best friend Doctor Peter Chang As they set off on the campaign trail Wes and Evyn declare an uneasy professional truce while privately their relationship is heating up fastA First Responders Novel.