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KINDLE Tiamat's Wrath: The Expanse, Livre 8 Ä Par James S. A. Corey

Machina without which the story would have had a very different conclusion but I didn t think they justified dropping a star for they don t jar badly enough to spoil the storyYou certainly get a feeling of the time that has passed in the characters universe we are now several decades from the events of the early books in the series I am not sure whether this eighth book is the final volume in the story but if it is then they will have left it at a solid and generally fan friendly ending if there IS to be another book or books planned and the very final line of TW does leave this door at least ajar then I feel that what comes next will have to introduce a significant number of new younger characters to continue the storyAll in all very enjoyable and very highly recommended but you really need to read the full series in order or at the very least read the seventh book PR before this one 4 words in and I hate the authorsEDIT Finished and seriously this is the best

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of the Dropped a star because they learned Martin s lessons a little too well I just finished Tiamat s Wrath and gave it 5 stars I never give anything 5 stars and maybe after I detox I ll want to drop it back to 4 stars but really it was great Writing characters plot sciencey stuff galactic politics All really well done Thoughtful but accessible not a combination we often get in SFAlso not the place to start the series or even this three book arcLike Nemesis Games this is a story where the crew of the Roci are all off doing separate things which is how we left it at the end of the previous book Persopolis Rising If you read that then you ll remember that the black fleet that disappeared through the ring gates early on has come back with newer bigger ships and rolled Empire all over the 1300 worlds humans have access to Naomi Alex Amos and Bobbi rolled Empire all over the 1300 worlds humans have access to Naomi Alex Amos and Bobbi all back in the underground game and Holden is prisoner to High Consul Duart man who would be emperor or as Jim puts it his Dancing BearBobbi and Alex are off running another captured ship the Gathering Storm which they took away from the Laconian Imperial fleet at the end of the last book and Naomi is doing deep thinking and strategizing for the new resistance while hiding out in an elaborate shell game of cargo containers and shipping vessels Amos went off on a high risk mission to get Jim back and has gone dark and Jim s wandering around chatting up the emperor the mad scientist that s been cooking proto molecule since book 1 and Teresa the girl who stands to inherit the empire if her now proto molecule immortal father ever falls Meanwhile Duarte has scientists played by our old friends from Cibola Burn Elvi and Fayez off looking for a solar system empty enough that he can do something to poke the bear on the other side of the ring the one that makes ships disappear if too many go through too often What could go wrongAs Holden says the problem with thousand year Reichs they come and go like firefliesI haven t liked all the Expanse novels eually and the previous one made me worried that the series would end on a whimper rather than a bang but Tiamat s Wrath makes me think that it s going to be something to rememberErnest LilleySFRevu Editor Emeritus. Mind of her own and secrets even her father the emperor doesn't guess  And throughout the wide human empire the scattered crew of the Rocinante fights a brave rear guard action against Duarte's authoritarian regime  Memory of the old order falls away and a future under Laconia's eternal rule and with it a battle that humanity can only lose seems and certain Because against the terrors that lie between worlds courage and ambition will not be enoug. .
The Expanse Book 8 of 9 In My Humble Opinion uite simply the best Sci Fi series I Have Every Had The Pleasure every had the pleasure read AWESOME even the poorer books stand head and shoulders above the competition Book 8 takes us through the gates and into the world of Duartes authoritarian Laconia system and out beyond into the 1300 worlds where our Heroes are regrouping to push back the juggernaut of Empire We get an insight into Duartes vision and his goals and in doing so we find out that the worst Humanity can inflict on each other pales into insignificance compared to What Lies Between the GatesClever intriguing stirring breath catching horrific saddening all at the same time Tiamats Wrath sets us up for the final chapter which is gonna be one hell of a ride Time has moved on and our heroes are older The Empire decides to poke the Gods and has a hard time figuring out the results Holden is imprisoned but plays politics when he can Amos goes underground Naomi Alex and Bobbie plot and fight Once again it s a story if interstellar intrigue and epic space battles The plot arc moves on to set up the finale in the next book and so some mysteries remain If you ve followed the story so far then you ll be delighted by this one One tip though and I m deadly serious here if you ve been skipping the short stories then not only have you been missing out but you absolutely need to read Strange Dogs before reading this book To avoid spoilers I can only say that you ll now why when you get there and you ll be mentally thanking me for letting you Going Berserk know I understand the one star review Everybody who loves this series is very invested in all its characters and it is hard to say good bye to any one of them Yes lots of tears shed during the reading of this book tears of joy and sadness But younow what At the end of book nine we re going to have to say good bye to all of them So maybe it is fitting that we get to say good bye one at a time I wouldn t have it any other wayBack to my headline this book is packed with everything I love about The Expanse Fantastic people yeah people not characters living through extraordinary eventsIf you are new to this series I envy the hell out of you you have 8 great books just waiting to be readIf you now the series and are wondering whether to buy this one or not the answer is a resounding YES Clearly the directors of the show had a hand in writing this latest book All white males have been relegated to roles as extras yes even Holden The non white males that are left are caring soft and great supporters of their super strong and powerful warrior women Gender neutral language is used and as per reuirement if you want to be on tv a completely misplaced and irrelevant but obligatory gay love story is thrown inI don t have any issues with all these causes but i read books to escape not to be educated on what is considered the burning issues of the day These issues you all fight so passionately about in the US don t matter to most people people in the rest of the worldThe book has two male characters that get some space all of the rest and i mean all the worldThe book has two male characters that get some space all of the rest and i mean all women who act and think like men RidiculousI didn t even finish the book Should have checked a sample before i bough. The eighth novel in James S A Corey's  New York Times best selling Expanse series now a major television series  Thirteen hundred gates have opened to solar systems around the galaxy But as humanity builds its interstellar empire in the alien ruins the mysteries and threats grow deeper  In the dead systems where gates lead to stranger things than alien planets Elvi Okoye begins a desperate search to discover the nature of a genocide that happened.

By James S. A. Corey µ 9 Read

T it If you ve skipped book one go buy enjoy my revues of those still stand Those that have read the set well I never saw THIS coming I won t revue this roller coaster story except if at one point you ve not got at least one tear rolling down your cheek you trying desperately to hide as we follow our expanse Family into the vortex as I ve said I ve not loved a series like this since I found The Lord of a series like this since I found The Lord of Rings in 71strap in brace for impact In most Sci Fi series that I ve read things tend to head towards formulaic after a while Same sort of bad guys same mysteries and the same usually violent solutions The Expanse has been a welcome exception I ve read the whole series t UPDATE 2 They still have not fixed the audible sync to Kindle book via Whisper SYNC BUT HAVING FINISHED THE STORY I RATE THE but having finished the story I rate the itself 5 out of 5 for entertainment and uality I can t wait for the last book in 2020UPDATE Rating relates to technical details of Kindle Audible integration Not the story which I loveI think it is helpful for prospective Kindle and Audible purchasers to now that this feature is not implemented It makes switching between reading and listening modalities so easy and frankly I was surprised it was missingUnfortunately reviews reuire ratings If it did not reuire a rating I would have given noneI will say if the physical books people received were missing an expected feature such as the back cover or several pages I would think that would be worth noting as well I am sure I will love the book as I have the prior books and I have looked forward to this for months I purchased the audible and Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America kindle version as uick as I could todayMy one disappointment is that whispersync features that allows syncing of your position between the Kindle version and the audible version is not enabled Is this planned to be enabled soon This technical issue reduces enjoyment of books for me and I hope it can be added soon As a big fan of the book series and the TV adaptation I pounced on this the moment it came out I d intended to start reading it after I finished the book I was partway through but I confess that as soon as I unpacked this I put the other one aside and jumped straight in to find out what was happeningWARNING some non specific spoilers ahead for this book and the previous one in the series hopefully nothing that would ruin it for any but the most fanatical of spoilerphobes but well you ve been warnedThe previous seventh book in the series Persepolis Rising was both good and frustrating in eual measure because it was the first half of a major two book arc and ended on a very downbeat note with our main characters scattered and the Bad Guys firmly in the ascendancy very much the The Empire Strikes Back of the series If Persepolis Rising is the series TESB then I guess Tiamat s Wrath is its ROTJ the new book very successfully takes us from this low point to a very satisfying to me anyway conclusion but not without some great drama and very emotional losses along the way let s just say that you can feel George RR Martin s stylistic influences here with the two authors of the Expanse being part of his writing circleThere were a couple of moments that I felt smacked just a bit of Deus Ex. Before the first human beings existed and to find weapons to fight a war against forces at the edge of the imaginable But the price of thatnowledge may be higher than she can pay  At the heart of the empire Teresa Duarte prepares to take on the burden of her father's godlike ambition The sociopathic scientist Paolo Cortázar and the Mephistophelian prisoner James Holden are only two of the dangers in a palace thick with intrigue but Teresa has Tiamat's Wrath: The Expanse, Book 8

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