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gratuito E–pub (Where's Spot?)

Where's Spot?

Eric Hill ☆ 2 Free download

Was marked as Very good condition when I received it it was very dirty front and back cover full of teacoffee marks it looked like it was used as a coaster Also many flaps very missing and had to wipe down all used as a coaster Also many flaps very missing and had to wipe down all ages few times as they were really dirtydusty Nostalgia hit me like a brick with this book I remember it from my own childhood I ve now brought it for my 8 month old son He absolutely loves it He runs his finger across the ages trying to find the flap and then opens and closes it many times The card ages are wonderful for his slightly uncoordinated movements and copious amounts of dribble to keep it as a book for us all to enjoy for years to come Awful condition How can this be classed as very good condition when flaps are missing outside of book With its bold blue cover this board book edition of Eric Hills classic story. Adly damaged and a hairy sellotaped down flap Hope the seller world of books gives me an excellent uality item or new in return then I m happy for this review to be removed but at Velvet Ropes (Club Undercover present you need to know what very good condition looks like The book is fun to read easy and engaging The flaps aren t very stable so that s something to consider with little children Our copy stays out of reach so that the flaps have a chance of survival Great book but theages are not sturdy My daughter destroyed them with the one of the first reading wir wollten dieses Buch eigentlich auf deutsch haben dieses ist aber schon sehr lange vergriffen daher haben wir die englische Version gekauft macht aber nichts weil das bisschen ENGLISCH KANN MAN JA AUCH BERSETZEN DIESES BUCH WURDE. kann man ja auch bersetzen Dieses Buch wurde. Featuring everyones favorite uppy is just as iconic as the first lift the as iconic as the first lift the Uns von unserer Logop din ebenfalls empfohlen Sprachentwicklung etcWir sind begeistert meine beiden S hne knapp 2 und knapp 4 lieben Flecki engl SpotBuchseiten sind stabilEmpfehlenswert Ist ein dagogisch logop disch wertvolles Buch sollten alle Kinder haben My daughter is 22 months old and she LOVES the book Ever since I ve got it for her she ignores old and she LOVES the book Ever since I ve got it for her she ignores of her other books The structure is simple but great for exploring speech and memory We would definitely recommend this book it s super adorable and erfect for the little ones who s attention span is uite short However the flaps in the book are very thin and I wouldn t let my daughter look at the book on her own as she could easily rip or tear the flaps out and apart Other than that very happy with the urchas. Ap editionSpot is one of the essential experiences of childhood Parentsmagazi.

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