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On books but it s still a great one to have in the collection The hardback copy is ideal for young babies who like to eat everything and it s easy for small hands to turnThe pictures in this book are really nice and it s fun to point out all the different farm characters The rhyming is good too and the repetitive STANZAS AT THE END OF EACH SECTION ARE GOOD at the end of each section are good young children who are learning to readThe story isn t one of the best in the Julia Donaldson Collection In My Eyes in my eyes much prefer the books or those with of a plot That said it does have a moral to it be happy with what you ve got which is a good lesson Sono molto soddisfatto anche di uesto libro per i miei bimbi Sto acuistando tutte le opere di Julia Donaldson e Alex Scheffler creatori del Gruffalo Bella storia scritta bene e splendide illustrazioni Bel libro per bambini molto utile per cominciare ad apprendere l ingleselibro curato con bei disegni adatti a bambini da due anni in su This is one of the book that I read to my daughter during the day or before she go to sleepwe love it I think I ve read this story before but in my own youth years years ago about a woman who had loads of ids who made a mess so the wise old lady told her to move the animals in therefore teaching her boys to appreciate their This has to be one of my all time favourites I ve bought it so many times for my youngest and my grandchildren and a nursery that I worked at When the children and grandchildren and their dogs come round to my house on a Sunday I always think of this story and when we sigh a relief when they all go home and it s uiet I say to my husband oh it s like a suash and a sueeze. And a story CD read aloud by actress Imelda Staunton making it a must have addition to the bookshelves of all Donaldson and Scheffler fans big and small Other available book and CD packs with redesigned covers are The Gruffalo The Gruffalo s Child Room on the Broom The Snail and the Whale The Smartest Giant in Town Monkey Puzzle and Charlie Cook s Favourite Book. E It is still excellent and is one of my partner s favourites My little boy loves having her read it to him A lovely book one of my favourite Julia Donaldon stories as this one has no peril or darkness to it at all my "daughter is uite sensitive so the dragon in "is uite sensitive so the Dragon in on the Broom bothers her bless her Fun rhymes and nice illustrations we always enjoy reading this one together Oh and I super recommend the CD version my children adore singing along to the song version as it was originally intended and the west country accent in the narrated version is so warm and comforting Racconto carino in rima Ottimo per bambini piccoli Non il migliore di Julia Donaldson ma comunue valido Storia allegra in Roma alla mia bimba di tre anni piace molto Disegni carini I bought this along with 11 other Julia Donaldson Books All Board Books I did a lot of research before buying and building my 15 month old daughters first library along with Van Fleet Eric Carle Dr Suess etc At first it was all about pictures then sounds then role play and now its all about pictures then sounds then role play and now its story in 12 13 months she has grown With These Books And Loves these books and loves we introduce now Each book has a 12 14 page story which gives you abundance of opportunity to spend uality time with your little one Reading is just one of the things you can do with these They are illustrated so very well with vibrant colours and end to end pictures that you have so much to explore if you introduce reading really young I have copied some of the illustrations on to a A4 sheet given my daughter to color Just buy when it says Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler together on a book This isn t one of our favourite Julia Donalds. In her house but she s not happy it s just too small even for one Whatever can she do The wise old man nows bring in a flappy scratchy greedy noisy crowd of farmyard animals When she pushes them all out again she ll be amazed at how big her house feels A Suash and a Sueeze Book and CD Pack features the classic story with a stunning redesigned cover and finish. ,

Come tutti i libri della Donaldson anche uesto molto amato apprezzato a uasi tre anni dai miei e figli molto semplice e le rime tre anni dai miei e figli molto semplice e le rime nella lettura Carino Julia Donaldson Axel Scheffler books are works of art The stories are written beautifully rhyming with a rhythm that sets the pace This ensures that as an adult I do not get bored reading the same stories over and over again as the familiar the story becomes the I can work on my expression and how I deliver giving me work on my expression and how I deliver giving me as joyful an experience as that of my son listening to them I feel excited when he brings me a book and then we can have a short bonding session over the story before he goes off to play again The books describe simple everyday scenes and experiences that a child might encounter helping them make sense of the world around them mixed with magical characters like dragons witches Santa etcAlex Schefflers artwork is beautiful complements the stories perfectly The same characters often pop up in different books whether it be the Gruffalo Child s stick man in his own story or simply a suirrel and a frog This helps my son who is fifteen months old develop his own narrative He does not understand the words I am reading but gets plenty from the rhythm and my intonation whilst building his own story and understanding from the pictures he is always pointing different characters out to me or finding them when I ask where they are He loves books and I think that these books enhance a joy Of Reading And Learning reading and learning brings the books to me time and time againThis book has wonderful rhymes and a clever twist Interestingly it is not a personal favourite Julia Donaldson book for Wise old man won t you help me please My house is a suash and sueeze Visit the farm in this special book and CD edition of the brilliantly funny A Suash and a Sueeze the first ever picture book written and illustrated by the unparalleled picture book partnership of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler creators of The Gruffalo A little old lady lives all by herself. ,
Donaldson, J: Squash and a Squeeze

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