EBuch/EPUB [Homer Kelley's Golfing Machine: The Curious Quest That Solved Golf] BY Scott Gummer

Homer Kelley's Golfing Machine: The Curious Quest That Solved Golf

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Tucked up close and his putt ound the bottom of the cup For A Birdie FourHow a birdie Beyond Varallan fourHow that be Kelley mumbled to himself as they moved to the next tee At the parour second hole Kelley again hit the airway then the green and then two putted or a par He bogeyed the third the number one handicap hole then strung together a series of pars at the ourth ifth sixth seventh and eighth holes Kelley was looking at making the turn in even par Kelley was looking at making the turn in even par a bogey at the par Dona Flor five ninthHeading to the back nine Kelley learned a new Golfing term sandbagger He endured no shortage of good natured ribbingrom his Rocker Babies Wear Jeans friends who had every reason to be leery of Kelleys woe is me talerom his ghastly irst time out on the golf course He gave them noreason to believe him on the inward nine carding par bogey par double par bogey par par through seventeen holes Like Meadow Park Highland closed with a yard par ive that was rated as the third hardest hole on the course Unlike at Meadow Park Kelley Sono with Visits from the Seventh finished with a puttor a birdie Remarkable Creatures four The ball took a look at the bottom of the cup but stayed out and Kelley wound up with a Kelley asked to keep the scorecard which he summarily presented to his teaching pro Al DunnHow did I shoot a asked a dumbfounded KelleyYou must have beenrelaxed was Dunns only explanationNo Kelley countered sharply I wasnt relaxed I was such a nervous wreck the night before I hardly slept at allWhat was differentKelley pondered the uestion Maybe his defenses had been down Or perhaps he hadelt a subconscious relief about not playing with his boss and the pro It might have been that he eltat ease with the blue collar crowd at Highlands or the act that almost everything is easier the second time around The only tangible thing that stuck in Kelleys mind however was the slow sweeping swing he had usedThen stick with that said the pro It obviously works Heroes Adrift (Hero, for youMore befuddling to Homer Kelley than how he shot a his second time playing golf was how he wound uplipping burgers in a Tacoma billiard hall in the Chuck and Danielle first placeKelley was born August in Clayton Kansas the capital of the middle of nowhere Hisather John Kelley is listed on Homers birth certificate as a retail merchant twenty nine years old originally Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old from Saline County Kansas Kelleys mother Ida was a twenty six year old housewiferom Ottawa County The Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs family left Kansas when Homer wasive and settled in suburban Minneapolis Along with his brothers and sisters Lawrence Ward Emma and Elsie Homer attended public schools and did all the things that average kids do He played the clariHomer Kelley Gray Bishop for years loomed as one of the games last great mysteries an obscure but important man who reshaped our perceptions of the modern swing In this substantive and stylish book Gummer unravels Kelley s elusive personal history and sheds light on his considerable influence It s a story that will enlighten teachers enthrall serious players and entertain golfers at all levels Guy Yocom Golf Digest Scott Gummer has done a masterful job at a daunting task solving the riddle of the man who solved he thought the riddle of the golf swing Homer Kelley s Golfing Machine is a sad andunny story beautifully told Curt Sampson Author of Hoga. Ee he was invited to lead the way Kelley looked to his left then to his right and then back to his left as if he were about to cross a streetWhich way do I go Kelley inuiredAt the Puckster's First Hockey Sweater flag said the bossHomer instinctively spied the Stars and Stripeslapping atop the lagpoleThat lag said the boss pointing up a long stretch of mowed lawnKelley suinted at a tiny speck on the end of a stick yards in the distance As he laid the persimmon wood behind the motionless ball one thought Rang In His Head Swing in his head Swing hard as you canLuckily the stand of Liar fir trees lining theairway deflected Kelleys hosel rocket otherwise he might well have taken out one of the golfers on the adjoining hole and been hauled off Noir for manslaughter before ever getting to hit a second shotHow can it be that hard Kelley grumbled under his breath as he trudged after his tee shot Meadow Park Golf Course in Tacoma Washington was a perfectly pleasant municipal track Opened in the spring of it was less than a year old A par measuring just under yards it was intentionally designed to beriendly to even the rankest of amateurs which Homer Kelley most assuredly wasThe Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are first three holes at Meadow Park carried the three highest handicaps on the course Unfortunately Kelleyailed to capitalize on even that slight advantage He made a hash of number one carding a nine on the par Gaffer five however he did not shoot himself out of the match as his pro his boss and theriend Circumstantial Evidence fared only slightly better posting six eight and nine respectively Kelley got things moving in the right direction heollowed his uadruplebogey at the Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers first with a triple at the second At the par three third he sniffed par but settledor bogeyWhatever hopes Kelley might have harbored or a decent score were dashed when he put up a ten spot at the par ive sixth hole And yet when they made the turn Kelleys while twenty our strokes over par placed him just two strokes behind the boss and his A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping friend When theyinally put the lag back in the hole at eighteenth the the boss and his riend When they Summer Meditations finally put thelag back in the hole at eighteenth the had run away God Said, Ha!: A Memoir from the others with matching s while theriend limped in at and the boss at Kelley and the boss came to the eighteenth hole tied but Kelley inished the day as disastrously as hed started with a uadruple bogey nine inishing with a score of Kelley had no delusions that he would shoot lights out his irst time out but neither did he envision playing like a one armed blind man in a straitjacket He was embarrassed butthan that he was vexed Shuffling to the parking lot Kelley carped I hit the ball so well at the driving rangewhy couldnt I do it on the course The boss chuckled at Kelley with a wry knowing grinKelley did not play Golf Again For Six again or six Then one summer Sunday in July two riends coaxed him into batting it around Tacomas Highland Golf Course Highland was not a brute of a course by any stretch at yards and par it was slightly tougher than Meadow Park Like Meadow Park Highland started out with a relatively easy par ive measuring yards Kelley took his stance and addressed the ball but instead of telling himself to swing as hard as he could Kelley cleared his mind and smoothed his tee shot into the Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II fairway His approach came up short of the green but his pitch. How Hard Can It BeThe ball sat motionless on a peg in the grass Behind it rested a polished block of persimmon wood significantly larger in size and harder in composition than the ball Juttingrom the wood was a long shiny silver shaft of steel Wrapped tightly around the grip at the top of the shaft were the strong hands of a thirty one year old man He took a practice swing Then another Weapon at the ready target open wide the ball was his Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq for the crushingIt would have been a different story had the ball been moving It was not hurtling toward him at blinding speed It was not camouflaged made no evasive movements or attempts to elude It was not curving or sinking or knuckling about It just sat there readyor takeoffHe had no reason to Michelin Green Guide Normandy fear repercussion What he was about to do was not illegal inact it was encouraged Give it a ride said one of the three men waiting and watching behind him The ball was not ragile and would not shatter or explode It bore no seams or stitches or other impediments to its trajectory It was neither slippery nor spindly nor oblong nor heavy It was in act uite light and perfectly round It did not teeter or totter It just sat there on its perch completely obediently What are you waiting or cracked another of the menHe was not being timed The others were not referees or umpires nor were they there to judge him His style would not be critiued his livelihood could not be jeopardized They had no motivation or mandate to thwart him He had nothing that they wanted and they had nothing to defend Dont mind us needled the man who had invited himHomer Kelley waggled the club back and orth to loosen up Taking a deep breath he raised his club like Paul Bunyan lifting his axe and took a violent lash at the defenseless objectIf I pay or the lessons will you take them Golfing buddies were hard to come by as America climbed out of the Depression but the boss also aimed to shut Kelley up Silly game Kelley would grouse It was not that he disliked golf so much as he enjoyed pushing the bosss buttons How hard can it be to hit a ball in a hole with a stick Kelleys cocksure derisiondespite never once Having So Much As so much as up a golf clubspurred the Boss To Put His to put his where Kelleys mouth was Offered What Every American Should Know About the Rest of the World free lessons Kelley conceded he had nothing to loseThat settles it said the boss with a wry knowing grin You will get just as bad as anybodyA teaching pro had opened up a little indoor driving range just down the streetrom the billiard hall where Kelley worked as a cook A couple of times a week over the course of a couple of weeks Kelley met with the man before working his shift behind the grill The Pro Showed Kelley How To showed Kelley how to the club with an interlocking grip how to take a stance with the ball between his I Got a New Friend feet how to take the club away and turn his back to the target how to swing through and turn his belly button toward the target and how toinish with his hands high in the sky Athletic if not an athlete Kelley picked it up in short order and after The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War five lessons the boss arranged a weekend game with Kelley the pro and ariendThe round got off to an inauspicious start Kelley had never set Experiencing the Resurrection: The Everyday Encounter That Changes Your Life foot on a golf course and upon arriving on theirst

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